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Replacement Fascias and Gutters and stuff

Replacement Fascia's. was established in 1998 and since then we have installed high quality replacement fascias, soffits and gutters for hundreds of customers, across Peterborough,  Cambridgeshire,  Lincolnshire and other areas.

We supply and install the highest quality Upvc fascias, and being registered installers of Freefoam Plastics can offer the market leading guarantee of 30 years which is transferable to a new owner should you sell your home in the future. This is available on White products and 10 year Guarantee on other colours.

The choice of size and styles are varied ranging from 10 mm capping boards 16, 18 and 25 mm replacement boards.

Soffits are an integral part of the roofline system enclosing and protecting the underside of the roof edge, while providing ventilation to the inner roof area to minimise the risk of trapped moist air. They provide a highly effective and visually appealing long-term solution to regular maintenance.

Freefoam manufacture a solid 10mm general-purpose board in a range of sizes and colours from 100mm to out newest 605mm board which is particularly useful for deep Soffit application or large box-end construction. It's also available pre-vented for even quicker and easier soffit installation and a seamless finish.

We install the premium system on the market. With unique and distinctive features, our systems come in a range of decorative profiles and colours to match all popular roofline systems. We can supply and install guttering in half-round, square, ogee and deep variations in white, black and two shades of brown.

“ Replacement Fascias replaced all the guttering and downpipes on my property three years ago. The job was completed in a couple of days with minimal hassle and the gutters looks as good now as they did when they were installed.”
- Mr R MacLeman, Lincolnshire

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